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Top 5 innovative features of OS X

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Mac OS X is different from the old operating system. Since it was launched, it went through various upgrades. Now we have a much better OS X. Here are the main innovative features of OS X that fascinate the Mac users.

Time machine

There may be a situation when all your hard drives suddenly fail or people delete your files accidentally. The ‘Time Machine’ feature of Mac makes backing up data easy. When you are migrating to a new Mac, Time Machine backups are a great option.

PDF support

Mac OS X provides excellent PDF support. Mac users can create the PDF files easily with any program that has the Print command. So, saving file is as comfortable as printing them. It has gained popularity


This is an advanced search tool that lets you search inside a document, instead of just the file names. So, search has become much advanced.


iChat of Mac OS X is integrated with address book and mail application. Video conferencing capability is also present. Increased productivity occurred due to the iChat.

The Classic Environment and Boot Camp

The Classic environment and Boot Camp provide a technological safety net and the peace of mind for people who switched to the Mac OS X. The transition is much more smooth because of these systems.

These unique features of Mac OS X stand out from the other operating systems. People are now getting more interested in switching to Mac OS X for these unique features.

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