What is mind mapping?

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Mind mapping is a method of visual thinking. Mind maps improve your ability to brainstorm, evaluate, learn, memorise and recall information in a fashion that suits the human brain.
A mind map is a picture that represents thoughts, ideas, tasks and other such topics that radiate from and link to one central keyword or thought.
This visual approach helps generate new thought paths, helps structure your ideas, provides a clear means of thought presentation and is well proven as a study aid.
Mind maps make use of the human brain's ability to associate detailed information with one single trigger, in the case of mind mapping, an image or keyword. For example, if asked to describe one of your friends, an image of your friend is seen in your mind's eye and you could describe, in some detail, their appearance.
This is how mind maps work. They take volumes of information and turn this into a visual snap shot.

As the saying goes, "A picture is worth a thousand words".
The MyThoughts for Mac mind map below shows what factors are involved in creating happiness for this individual. If asked to write a list, she may have been overwhelmed and would have certainly missed seeing how inter-related the factors are. A good example of "The whole being greater than the sum of its parts", and illustrated perfectly in a MyThoughts for Mac mind map.
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Mind mapping can be applied to all areas of thought processing and analysis. It is used in education by students of all ages, by authors, film and television producers and by entrepreneurs of business. There are no boundaries for the use of mind maps, and can be applied to all areas that involve a thinking process.
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