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There is a lot written about the "Rules" of mind mapping, and whilst understanding the theories certainly helps you get the most from your mind mapping, it should be noted that mind mapping is about your thinking processes and what works for you and your colleagues.
Research over the years has shown that black and white, left to right text is not at all brain friendly, and what the human mind loves most is color, shape, keywords, and other things that allow it to build instant associations.
We all have associations hidden away in our minds, some date back to our early childhood, but when we see, smell, feel or taste something associated with a memorable moment, our brain is triggered to recall the memory from deep within us. It is a powerful human ability and one that mind mapping draws upon, a visual trigger to recall information.
If you are just starting out with mind mapping then let's take a look at the basic guidelines to help you get the most of your MyThoughts mind maps.

Use a landscape page
Think beyond A4
Start with the main thought in the centre
Use an Image for the Central Thought
Make important keywords stand out
Show relationships
Use colour
Use visual associations
Use easy to read fonts - avoid script fonts
Use lowercase, your brain prefers it
Liberate your thoughts, take risks and don't judge
If you hit a mental block, move to a different branch
Go with the flow, set your creativity loose
Relax and enjoy!

So, having given you a non-brain-friendly list, let's see this as a MyThoughts for Mac mind map

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