MyThoughts is a powerful, intuitive, and easy to use Mind Mapping Software Application designed and developed for Mac OS X.

MyThoughts has everything you need to produce beautiful, organic, flowing mind maps in a style that suits your mind mapping projects.
MyThoughts does not limit your creativity with structured templates and rigid, straight branch lines. MyThoughts uses curves and your branch text curves with them!

The fluid nature of MyThoughts allows you to express how you think. It’s packed with powerful features, but is designed to keep things simple. When you have an idea, do you want to be fishing through help files before you can even get started? No, that’s how we felt!

We can wax lyrical about MyThoughts, but trying it for yourself is your next step. Download a free trial.
MyThoughts has been designed to make full use of the many powerful features of Mac OS X.

MyThoughts V.1.4 and onwards requires MAC OS X V.10.7 or later.

If you are running Mac OS X 10.5 you can still obtain MyThoughts Version 1.2, visit the Download Centre to find out more
We offer a FREE trial period that gives you the chance to decide if you like MyThoughts. As such, once you purchase a serial number, it’s yours forever with no available refund. For more information please read the End User License Agreement.

If you have purchased MyThoughts from the Apple Mac App store all matters relating to that purchase must be addressed directly with the Apple Mac App Store and will be subject to Apple Inc.'s terms and conditions of sale.
It is important that you keep a copy of your order confirmation safe as this is your primary proof of purchase and the order number along with the email address used to place the order are needed to retrieve your serial number.

If you can't find your receipt, don't panic! Contact Support being sure to give the name and email address used when purchasing MyThoughts, we can then do a search for you.