Company Info

Who is behind MyThoughts?

Mode de Vie Software is a small, independent company based in the United Kingdom.

We’re dedicated to mind mapping, and about providing Mac users with the best mind mapping experience with a mind mapping software app that stays true to the conventions of effective mind mapping.

Meet the Team

Photo of Alan - Technical Director at Mode de Vie Software

Alan Edwards

Alan is the mastermind behind MyThoughts. He spends his time doing what he loves, coding!

Running a small business means he is involved in all sorts of matters, but his focus is always on software design and development.
Photo of Susanne Commercial Director at Mode de Vie Software

Susanne Edwards

Susanne is the mind mapper of the team. You can find many of her mind maps online, covering all sorts of subjects from business to education. Take a look at the Gallery for some examples.

As well as taking care of the day-to-day running of the office, Susanne answers your support issues.