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MyThoughts Mind Map about the Little Penguin


Create mind maps that comply to the best-practice techniques of effective mind mapping. MyThoughts boasts a powerful feature set, yet the user interface remains uncluttered and easy to use.

MyThoughts is a Mind Mapping Software App for Mac OS X that offers colour, shape, and images along with the flexibility and freedom to produce mind maps to suit any mind mapping project.

MyThoughts Business Plan Mind Map displayed on an Apple iMac

Feature Rich

MyThoughts is a powerful mind mapping software application. You will find a choice of mind map branch styles, a notes outliner, a comprehensive image media browser and a whole lot more. So, what ever your mind mapping needs you’ll find MyThoughts fits the bill perfectly.

Great User Interface

While MyThoughts is packed with features, the user interface remains clean and uncluttered, leaving your attention where it should be, on your visual thinking process. The tools you need are readily available and the intuitive design reduces the time it takes to get up and running.

Image and Icon packed Media Browser

A powerful and easy to use Notes Outliner

Share your mind maps with the click of a toolbar button.

Text Curvature

MyThoughts applies the branch text to follow the curvature of the mind map branch, staying true to the techniques of hand drawn mind mapping. However, if the hand drawn look is not what you desire, there are other Branch Styles to suit different mind mapping needs.

Use your own Images

Not only does the MyThoughts Media Browser come packed with quality icons and images, it also has iPhoto seamlessly integrated, giving you drag and drop access to your own images..

Choose your style

From organic, flowing visuals associated with hand drawn mind maps through to the formal look that is popular in the business environment, MyThoughts gives you a choice of branch style to suit, plus two methods to add new branches.

Identify Relationships

Add relationship lines with ease, then format them to suit your mind map. Add text to the relationship line if clarification is required. Identifying relationships between branches illustrates how one element of the mind map can involve another, it can also reduce duplication of branches.


Mind maps should be clear and to the point. However, there will be times when more information is needed. To stay true to the techniques of effective mind mapping, use memorable keywords, then add a link from the branch to a website or file.

Print without hassle

The MyThoughts Print Manager allows you to choose how you wish to print your mind map. Select the options your require and the preview pane takes the guess work out of the equation.