Version 1.4

MyThoughts Version 1.4
Create unique, meaningful, brain-friendly mind maps that comply to the best-practice techniques for effective mind mapping.

MyThoughts offers colour, shape and images along with flexibility and freedom to produce mind maps that suit any mind mapping project.

powerful features, yet the user interface remains clean, uncluttered and easy to use.

Creative Mind Mapping with MyThoughts

MyThoughts Text Curve

Text follows the curvature of the Mind Map Branch

With MyThoughts the mind map branch text follows the curvature of the branch, staying true to the techniques of hand drawn mind mapping.

However, if the hand drawn effect is not what you desire, there are other Branch Styles to suit different creative needs.

Branch styles for creative Mind Mapping

From the organic, flowing visuals associated with hand drawn mind maps through to the formal look that is popular in the business environment, MyThoughts gives you a choice of branch style to suit, and two methods to add new branches.

An image and icon stocked Media Browser

MyThoughts includes a plentiful and broad range of images and icons within it's Media Browser, just drag and drop.

Media Browser with iPhoto built-in

Not only does the MyThoughts Media Browser come packed with high quality icons and images, it also has iPhoto seamlessly integrated, giving you drag and drop access to your own photographs.

Outline Notes

Building an effective mind map involves the use of keywords, images, color and shape. However, there may be times when branch keywords require elaboration with notes.

MyThoughts includes an easy to use Notes Editor, allowing you to compile comprehensive reference information.


Using the Share Button my from the MyThoughts Toolbar makes sharing your mind maps quick and easy. You can post your mind map to Twitter, Facebook, and Flickr as well as sending by Airdrop, Message and Email.
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System Requirements

Version 1.4.X requires Mac OS X 10.7 or later

Mac OS X 10.5 and 10.6 Users
please go to the Legacy Page

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