Version 1.4

It is well written that images, shape and color are the key to effective mind mapping.

MyThoughts allows you to create unique and meaningful mind maps that stay true to the recognised mind mapping techniques, without the restrictions of rigid templates or inflexible layouts.

MyThoughts packs many powerful features whilst leaving the user interface uncluttered and intuitive.
MyThoughts iMac

MyThoughts ~ Quick Tour

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Branch styles for creative Mind Mapping

From the organic, flowing visuals associated with hand drawn mind maps through to the formal look that is popular in the business environment, MyThoughts gives you a choice of branch style to suit, and two methods to add new branches.
MyThoughts Drag and Drop

Drag & Drop

Mind mapping is a visual thinking process and being able to add relevant images to your mind map central thought and its branches is important to the mind mapping experience.

MyThoughts gives you drag and drop access to resources for your mind map, be it from the Media Browser, Finder or your Web Browser.
MyThoughts Relationship Lines

Identifying Relationships

Identifying relationships between mind map branches illustrates how one element of the mind map can involve another.

Adding relationship lines is simple, with a choice of styles and the option to add text. As with mind map branches the curvature of the line can be adjusted and any added text will follow this curve.
MyThoughts Links

Adding Links to FIles & URLs

A mind map should be clear and to the point. However, there will be times when more information is needed.

To stay true to the techniques of effective mind mapping, use memorable keywords, then add a link from the branch to a website or file to elaborate on the topic.

Linking to a website or file is made quick and easy with drag and drop.
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An image and icon stocked Media Browser

MyThoughts includes a plentiful and broad range of images and icons within it's Media Browser, just drag and drop.
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Media Browser with iPhoto built-in

Not only does the MyThoughts Media Browser come packed with high quality icons and images, it also has iPhoto seamlessly integrated, giving you drag and drop access to your own photographs.
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Outline Notes

Building an effective mind map involves the use of keywords, images, color and shape. However, there may be times when branch keywords require elaboration with notes.

MyThoughts includes an easy to use Notes Editor, allowing you to compile comprehensive reference information.
MyThoughts Print Manager

Print Manager

MyThoughts makes printing your mind maps, no matter what size, simple.

The Print Manager allows you to choose how you wish to print your mind map. Simply select the options that suit your needs. The preview pane takes the guess work out of the equation.

Add header and footer text and images to create a professional presentation.

The MyThoughts Print Manager provides fine tuning to margins when using borderless printing.
MyThoughts Click and Generate

Choice of methods to add new Mind Map Branches

"Click & Draw" puts you in control of how and where your branches are drawn. Choose between the auto generated mode of "Click & Generate" or the "Click & Draw" method of adding new branches.
MyThoughts Import


Import the listed file formats.
  • FreeMind - Open a FreeMind file with MyThoughts and let its features and functions turn it into a unique and engaging mind map
  • OPML - Files from iPhone Apps that export in .OPML file format
MyThoughts Export to PDF


MyThoughts provides an array of options for the export of mind map files.

Export to the listed file formats.
  • OPML - For Outliners
  • RTDF - For Apple Pages and TextEdit
  • Word - For Microsoft Word
  • PDF - For Adobe Portable Document Format
  • Image File Formats - .jpeg .png & .tiff
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MyThoughts Media Browser iPhoto integration
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MyThoughts Click and Draw
MyThoughts Drag and Drop
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System Requirements

Version 1.4.X requires Mac OS X 10.7 or later

Mac OS X 10.5 Users please go to the Download Centre