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Clean My Mac – An Essential Program

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Clean My Mac – An Essential Program for any Mac Computer


Developed and released in 2009 by MacPaw, Clean My Mac is one of the most popular iOS applications amongst Apple users. As suggested by the name, Clean My Mac helps clean unwanted and space-occupying files from your laptop so it runs without interruption. Essentially, it helps keep your Mac system safe.

While many people avoid installing operating system cleaners because they believe that they slow down the performance instead of enhancing it, some people just do not bother keeping their systems safe and free from potentially harmful or unwanted files. This is where the problem starts, since they fail to catch the culprit on time, and then bite their nails when they have to spend hundreds of dollars on repairs.

Clean My Mac in Action

To start with, every computer needs free space; therefore, cleaning your system’s internal memory every now and then is important. Similarly, every Mac requires regular maintenance, especially if it has SSSD (stands for System Security Services Daemon) or built-in HDD (Hard Disk Drive).

Clean My Mac is an essential program that can free up dozens of gigabytes, all the while optimizing your Mac’s performance. In addition, it also helps to lengthen your Mac’s operating time. It works by automatically searching, identifying and deleting all your digital junk that would otherwise take hours of your work or movie time. It sounds great, doesn’t it?

This application smartly scans your system, and then finds the junk files using automatic clean up algorithms that are safe to be removed. It also plays the role of an organizer so that you can keep track of your important files and where they are stored. This way, not only you but also the software makes sure that none of the important stuff ends up in the recycle bin. The lists of files that are usually cleaned include:

  • System Logs and User Logs
  • Trash Folders on the system, hard drive as well as external drives
  • System Cache Files and User Cache Files
  • Old Software Updates of iOS
  • iPhoto Files (temporary)
  • Rotated Photos, Fixed Red-Eye, and RAWs
  • Applications Extras
  • Dev Junk
  • Universal Binaries, Languages

So, if you are worried about any protected files that, if deleted, may harm your expensive system, just sit back, relax and have a cup of green tea while Clean My Mac works its magic!

Already excited about downloading Clean My Mac? Not just this app, Apple offers its users a range of unique and amazing applications that make lives easier. For instance, you can download FaceTime and enjoy an audio conversation with your friends and family from all around the world without paying a dime out of your pocket. The app also includes other features such as messaging, file transfer, and even video chat; however, you need a front facing camera in your Mac for this feature to work.

Clean My Mac is an amazing Mac software that re-enforces the importance of cleaning your Mac and its overall health. It becomes more exciting, especially with the newly added features like Mail attachments, iTunes Cleanup and a maintenance module. So, now if somebody asks you about Mac system cleaning? Three words… Clean My Mac!



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