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Clean My Mac – An Essential Program for any Mac Computer


Developed and released in 2009 by MacPaw, Clean My Mac is one of the most popular iOS applications amongst Apple users. As suggested by the name, Clean My Mac helps clean unwanted and space-occupying files from your laptop so it runs without interruption. Essentially, it helps keep your Mac system safe.

While many people avoid installing operating system cleaners because they believe that they slow down the performance instead of enhancing it, some people just do not bother keeping their systems safe and free from potentially harmful or unwanted files. This is where the problem starts, since they fail to catch the culprit on time, and then bite their nails when they have to spend hundreds of dollars on repairs.

Clean My Mac in Action

To start with, every computer needs free space; therefore, cleaning your system’s internal memory every now and then is important. Similarly, every Mac requires regular maintenance, especially if it has SSSD (stands for System Security Services Daemon) or built-in HDD (Hard Disk Drive).

Clean My Mac is an essential program that can free up dozens of gigabytes, all the while optimizing your Mac’s performance. In addition, it also helps to lengthen your Mac’s operating time. It works by automatically searching, identifying and deleting all your digital junk that would otherwise take hours of your work or movie time. It sounds great, doesn’t it?

This application smartly scans your system, and then finds the junk files using automatic clean up algorithms that are safe to be removed. It also plays the role of an organizer so that you can keep track of your important files and where they are stored. This way, not only you but also the software makes sure that none of the important stuff ends up in the recycle bin. The lists of files that are usually cleaned include:

  • System Logs and User Logs
  • Trash Folders on the system, hard drive as well as external drives
  • System Cache Files and User Cache Files
  • Old Software Updates of iOS
  • iPhoto Files (temporary)
  • Rotated Photos, Fixed Red-Eye, and RAWs
  • Applications Extras
  • Dev Junk
  • Universal Binaries, Languages

So, if you are worried about any protected files that, if deleted, may harm your expensive system, just sit back, relax and have a cup of green tea while Clean My Mac works its magic!

Already excited about downloading Clean My Mac? Not just this app, Apple offers its users a range of unique and amazing applications that make lives easier. For instance, you can download FaceTime and enjoy an audio conversation with your friends and family from all around the world without paying a dime out of your pocket. The app also includes other features such as messaging, file transfer, and even video chat; however, you need a front facing camera in your Mac for this feature to work.

Clean My Mac is an amazing Mac software that re-enforces the importance of cleaning your Mac and its overall health. It becomes more exciting, especially with the newly added features like Mail attachments, iTunes Cleanup and a maintenance module. So, now if somebody asks you about Mac system cleaning? Three words… Clean My Mac!



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As the processing power of mobile phones increases, so do their capabilities. One such capability has a lot of potential and that is accessing your PCs content with your device. Whether your only upstairs or halfway across the country, it is becoming easier and easier to access almost all of your computers properties through remote access. Even though the concept has been around for a number of years, lately companies have been trying to get a firm foothold of the market, which is great for the consumer as it leads to some great applications fighting to be the best.

If we first look at the remote mouse app by Apple, this has the ability of turning your handheld device into a multi-faceted remote control for your computer. Easily installable and connecting through Wi-Fi, the remote mouse app allows the user do away with their small and fiddly laptop mouse pads and use their wider screened and intuitive device to navigate easily around their content. The app also has specific panels designed for films, music and even presentations. This app is a simple one, but one done right. It allows for certain actions to be done much quicker and the interface is sleek and easy to use. However, it is only a mouse, the user cannot see what he is navigating unless the monitor is in sight to which some users may say it’s a bit unnecessary. Sure, it’s nice being able to control your computer from the other side of the room, but for most people this would likely become old pretty quick. But seeing as though it’s free, you can’t really go wrong with this app.

When compared with the windows variant, aptly named ‘Microsoft Remote Desktop’ we see a lot of similarities. Another intuitive interface which has a wide array of features but is still easy to use and a remarkably small amount of latency when using even some of the most processor intensive software, this app has obviously been well researched and implemented to the features users are most interested in. Contrarily, whilst the app has received generally positive reviews, there are still improvements to be made. Most users are annoyed at the fact you can only connect to one computer at once and the fact there is not multiple monitor support are minor problems, but this is something Microsoft have said they are looking into as they intend to improve on each version. This is something to bear in mind that the app is still fairly new and is likely only to get better with each release.

Now we’ve looked at the product of two giant companies, its time to look at one of the leading apps in TeamViewer. Supported across all of the major platforms, TeamViewer is a free remote desktop accessor which has arguably the most features of all of it’s counterparts, such as wake-on-LAN which can be utilised to awake a hibernating computer and then put it back into hibernation once the accessor is finished, multiple party collaborations, copy and pasting (which most others don’t actually support) and fast and efficient file transferring. So with all of these great features, where does it fall short? The biggest worry about TeamViewer is it’s privacy settings, there is a large contingent online who believe the terms and conditions of the software allow for their on-goings to looked at and analysed too closely but a large part of this is due to an automation system detecting what and who the software is being used by just for product research. In a day and age where people are very apprehensive about their data being shared, this could be a big deal. Other than this however, the software itself is close to flawless.

Finally, SplashTop. This tool gets most of its notoriety from its reputation of streaming video and audio across multiple devices with seemingly perfect results. So, say you wanted to watch a movie stored on your desktop hard drive, on your iPad, this is what SplashTop excels in. Of course it can do much of the same thing as its competitors, it’s just arguably not quite as good lacking in those subtle features of its rivals that leaves it just behind them. For example, connecting to another computer takes a bit more work on the side of the client than TeamViewer or Microsofts variant. It also costs money to access your devices not on your network, which is essentially the whole point of remote access. SplashTop has strong points where it is really is strong such as the multimedia spectrum but as for everywhere else, users are better off going elsewhere.

To say which one really is the best, depends on the user. As most are all similar in terms of functionality and competency, it might come down to the interface or subtle features that sway a user to that software. The best thing someone can do is try different ones out and see what sticks as each one has its nuances. Someone may like the accessibility of Microsofts version but need to connect to multiple computers which it cannot do but TeamViewer, however TeamViewer may be a bit too complex for someone who just wants to control their computer from across the film for multimedia viewing where Apples remote mouse is simple yet effective. It might be cliché but each has their pros and cons, it’s for the user to find out which one is for them.


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Mac OS X is different from the old operating system. Since it was launched, it went through various upgrades. Now we have a much better OS X. Here are the main innovative features of OS X that fascinate the Mac users.

Time machine

There may be a situation when all your hard drives suddenly fail or people delete your files accidentally. The ‘Time Machine’ feature of Mac makes backing up data easy. When you are migrating to a new Mac, Time Machine backups are a great option.

PDF support

Mac OS X provides excellent PDF support. Mac users can create the PDF files easily with any program that has the Print command. So, saving file is as comfortable as printing them. It has gained popularity


This is an advanced search tool that lets you search inside a document, instead of just the file names. So, search has become much advanced.


iChat of Mac OS X is integrated with address book and mail application. Video conferencing capability is also present. Increased productivity occurred due to the iChat.

The Classic Environment and Boot Camp

The Classic environment and Boot Camp provide a technological safety net and the peace of mind for people who switched to the Mac OS X. The transition is much more smooth because of these systems.

These unique features of Mac OS X stand out from the other operating systems. People are now getting more interested in switching to Mac OS X for these unique features.

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Macs and PCs are battling for years now. The rivalry is just increasing. Whenever one company comes up with a new product, the other company comes with one too to compete for head on. These are the major differences between the two.

Apple’s design is better

Apple spends years on deciding on the look of the product. It gives emphasis to the details. Microsoft, however, is catching up. The Microsoft Surface Book looks great. This laptop is said to be twice as fast as a MacBook Pro. They are easier on the eyes.

Macs are more expensive than PCs

Macs are usually more expensive than PCs. On average, a Windows laptop will cost about $500. But a MacBook Air laptop which is one of the cheapest laptops of Apple costs about $899.

Windows is better for hardcore PC gamers

Gamers prefer Windows as PCs are customizable. They want a good graphics card, processor, etc. for a good gaming experience. They keep on buying new things to remain updated. Macs, on the other hand, cannot be updated easily.

Mac gives better customer support

If your Mac breaks, you can go to a local Apple Store. There are specialists available who can help you in solving the problem. They don’t charge you if the problem is solved in the first session. The customer service at Microsoft stores is also good. But unlike Mac, they don’t make all the parts components themselves. So, sometimes they might have to send the parts to the manufacturers for repair.

Macs are safer against malware and viruses

As there are fewer Macs than Windows, Mac’s platforms have fewer attackers. Apple has added new encryption and security features as well to keep the computer safe. As Mac operating system is built on Unix, it is much secured than Windows.

These are the major overall differences between Mac and PC, though many other differences exist in details. Whether you choose Mac or PC entirely depends on your preference, usage and budget.

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Buying a Mac computer can be an exciting thing. It’s quite different than other computers, and the brand name has a huge impact. If you are buying a Mac computer for the first time, then you should consider the following tips before buying a Mac computer.

Buy a notebook

If you can afford then, you should go for the notebook rather than the desktop. The notebook is portable. Unless you do desk works a lot, the notebook will be a better option for you. They are expensive but worth it.

Get external display

You can get an external display, keyboard and mouse that will allow you to work on your desk. You will have a large display to work comfortable. This way you will be able to plug your MacBook anywhere and get the feel of a desktop computer.

Choose either low end or high end

You may choose the minimum configuration as it might get obsolete within a short time, or you can buy a high-end configuration that can last for a long time. If you upgrade often, then you should go for the low end, as the high end will be a wastage of money for you. There are other people who like to keep one computer for a long time. For these people, the high-end computer is a better option.

Buy more RAM

More RAM can boost the performance of your computer. That way you can have more Apps that can run at the same time and you will be able to handle larger files. The RAM prices of Apple have fallen, so you can easily buy one. By having more RAM, you won’t need to upgrade your computer.

Get AppleCare

You must get AppleCare when you buy a Mac. It is an extended Warranty that protects you if there is any defect or problem in your computer. If you have this, you will get a free service if such problem occurs.

If you want to save money, you can buy the model that has just been discontinued. You will a recent model of Mac this way and save a lot of money as well.