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Mac OS X is different from the old operating system. Since it was launched, it went through various upgrades. Now we have a much better OS X. Here are the main innovative features of OS X that fascinate the Mac users.

Time machine

There may be a situation when all your hard drives suddenly fail or people delete your files accidentally. The ‘Time Machine’ feature of Mac makes backing up data easy. When you are migrating to a new Mac, Time Machine backups are a great option.

PDF support

Mac OS X provides excellent PDF support. Mac users can create the PDF files easily with any program that has the Print command. So, saving file is as comfortable as printing them. It has gained popularity


This is an advanced search tool that lets you search inside a document, instead of just the file names. So, search has become much advanced.


iChat of Mac OS X is integrated with address book and mail application. Video conferencing capability is also present. Increased productivity occurred due to the iChat.

The Classic Environment and Boot Camp

The Classic environment and Boot Camp provide a technological safety net and the peace of mind for people who switched to the Mac OS X. The transition is much more smooth because of these systems.

These unique features of Mac OS X stand out from the other operating systems. People are now getting more interested in switching to Mac OS X for these unique features.

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Macs and PCs are battling for years now. The rivalry is just increasing. Whenever one company comes up with a new product, the other company comes with one too to compete for head on. These are the major differences between the two.

Apple’s design is better

Apple spends years on deciding on the look of the product. It gives emphasis to the details. Microsoft, however, is catching up. The Microsoft Surface Book looks great. This laptop is said to be twice as fast as a MacBook Pro. They are easier on the eyes.

Macs are more expensive than PCs

Macs are usually more expensive than PCs. On average, a Windows laptop will cost about $500. But a MacBook Air laptop which is one of the cheapest laptops of Apple costs about $899.

Windows is better for hardcore PC gamers

Gamers prefer Windows as PCs are customizable. They want a good graphics card, processor, etc. for a good gaming experience. They keep on buying new things to remain updated. Macs, on the other hand, cannot be updated easily.

Mac gives better customer support

If your Mac breaks, you can go to a local Apple Store. There are specialists available who can help you in solving the problem. They don’t charge you if the problem is solved in the first session. The customer service at Microsoft stores is also good. But unlike Mac, they don’t make all the parts components themselves. So, sometimes they might have to send the parts to the manufacturers for repair.

Macs are safer against malware and viruses

As there are fewer Macs than Windows, Mac’s platforms have fewer attackers. Apple has added new encryption and security features as well to keep the computer safe. As Mac operating system is built on Unix, it is much secured than Windows.

These are the major overall differences between Mac and PC, though many other differences exist in details. Whether you choose Mac or PC entirely depends on your preference, usage and budget.

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Buying a Mac computer can be an exciting thing. It’s quite different than other computers, and the brand name has a huge impact. If you are buying a Mac computer for the first time, then you should consider the following tips before buying a Mac computer.

Buy a notebook

If you can afford then, you should go for the notebook rather than the desktop. The notebook is portable. Unless you do desk works a lot, the notebook will be a better option for you. They are expensive but worth it.

Get external display

You can get an external display, keyboard and mouse that will allow you to work on your desk. You will have a large display to work comfortable. This way you will be able to plug your MacBook anywhere and get the feel of a desktop computer.

Choose either low end or high end

You may choose the minimum configuration as it might get obsolete within a short time, or you can buy a high-end configuration that can last for a long time. If you upgrade often, then you should go for the low end, as the high end will be a wastage of money for you. There are other people who like to keep one computer for a long time. For these people, the high-end computer is a better option.

Buy more RAM

More RAM can boost the performance of your computer. That way you can have more Apps that can run at the same time and you will be able to handle larger files. The RAM prices of Apple have fallen, so you can easily buy one. By having more RAM, you won’t need to upgrade your computer.

Get AppleCare

You must get AppleCare when you buy a Mac. It is an extended Warranty that protects you if there is any defect or problem in your computer. If you have this, you will get a free service if such problem occurs.

If you want to save money, you can buy the model that has just been discontinued. You will a recent model of Mac this way and save a lot of money as well.